Saturday May 29, 2010 Brian McLaren “Evangelism and Transformation in a Secular Society”

Session III – “Focus on our Personal World” 10:50 a.m. – 12:00

In many cases the entire world is viewed as existing as a mine from which to get people into the church to help us on our journey out of the world.

What if God so loved the whole planet but the world is in trouble because people are doing destructive things to the world God loves. So God sends Jesus into the world to bring healing and hope to the world God loves and when Jesus leaves he sends others to be agents of God’s hope and healing in the world.

God’s church is a missional community.

For a lot of us in the church our circle has shrunk to only involve people who are already in the church. When this happens you can’t be as a good a Christian as you are called to be. Part of your call is to be an agent of God’s love in your network and to enable them to be drawn a little more into God’s healing work.

We have a secular world because religious institutes have failed our culture. The world feels orphaned by religion.

Could it be that the needs of the world will elicit from us resources we didn’t know we had to be for the world a source of hope?

People hear us quote Jesus saying, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” We need to say that we value Christ but reject the “crusader” mentality that says you must agree with me or your will burn.

As we move forward we go with a gift that is Jesus, not the Christian religion. When I come into the conversation believing that Jesus is a gift, I find nothing but welcome from non-Christians, but at the same time, I experience a lot of condemnation from many Christians.

Jesus said, “I am the door.” The way we say it makes it sound as if the door is closed.

God is bigger than our religion.