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I have had the occasion to spend the better part of two days in the company of 35 other clergy as we were taken through the Red Cross Violence Prevention program.  I certainly understand that this compulsory training is part of the Church’s attempt to make a strong gesture of taking its own violence as seriously as any secular organization like Hockey Canada or the Boy Scouts of Canada do.

But how do we actually prevent violence?

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This is my best answer so far to the questions I asked two days ago.  See Vision? It is certainly not perfect or complete but it stirs in my heart and so I offer it for conversation and, who knows, perhaps even collaboration…

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On the eve of Christopher’s return from holiday I want to ask a question I have been puzzling over for several months now.

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Jason Moorehead at Filmwell expresses beautifully one of the things that makes The Tree of Life such a powerful film for me:

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Although I am on holiday for another week, I have still found a little time to think and read about Terrence Malick’s film The Tree of Life. Increasingly, it seems to me that the people who have the most valuable insights to share about the film are those who comment from a faith perspective.

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I think there is a place in the church for altar calls.

And I think there is a place in the church for the kind of evangelical spirituality that altar calls are associated with.  It might come as no surprise, then, to learn that I have an affection for country music as well.

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