This is my best answer so far to the questions I asked two days ago.  See Vision? It is certainly not perfect or complete but it stirs in my heart and so I offer it for conversation and, who knows, perhaps even collaboration…

Community of the Reconciliation

“We can transform the world only to the extent that we ourselves have been transformed.” – Richard Rohr

 †        We are a diverse group of people who feel spurred to explore the mystery of the spiritual life in the Christian tradition.  We are professionals, workers and students; single and married; younger and older.

†        We believe that the Good News of Jesus Christ and the ministry of our Baptism call us to radical transformation, integration and reconciliation of the paradoxes of life.  We believe in the power of the Christian story and tradition to unlock our hearts and break down our walls so that the Life That Never Goes Away may flow in and through us.

†        We are a Eucharistic community, seeking to embody this mystery. We stand for transformation of ourselves and the world through emptying ourselves in love and service in the Way of Jesus Christ. Through lives of contemplation and prayer and service we seek to incarnate peace so that we may be peacemakers.  We seek to incarnate mercy so that we can be reconcilers.  We seek to incarnate love so that we can foster compassion.

 “All real living is meeting.” – Martin Buber

 †        We are committed to fostering sustainable, healthy, mature relationships, grounded in personal and corporate prayer and silence, as the primary way of living out Jesus’ New Commandment that we love one another as He has loved us.

†        As followers of Jesus we accept the challenge of nonviolence to confront destruction and chaos in our own lives and the world around us with our own creative power of love.

†        Our faith is grounded in right relationship and not dogmatic formulations of purity.  We affirm the paradoxical quality of wholeness and seek to hold the tension between false dualisms.  We hold the tension that our journey is personal and yet it emerges out of relationships in community. We affirm that the sacred and secular worlds are one and the same reality.  God is everywhere and we encounter this presence by cultivating the eyes to see and the openness to receive.

 †        We recognize that trust in God, our “faith”, is a work in progress that lasts our whole lives.  We welcome all those who want to trust, who want to believe, who want to be transformed, and who like all of us have doubts.  Honest doubt is not the enemy of faith; rather it is false certainty. 


†        We ground ourselves in learning and teaching the contemplative tradition, seeking union with God through the practice of transcending our own egos.  We honour the power of prayer to orient our hearts towards the health and wholeness of creation.  We seek to integrate the traditions of silent and spoken prayer and praise of God.

†        We live in community, sharing resources of time and material and wisdom in a ministry of mutual support of each other and the wider community.  We work alone and together, creating rhythm and movement in our lives.

†        We seek to co-create with the Holy Spirit sacred space for prayer and worship and share this with all who are thirsty for it. This is the space of transformation; sacred because it is created with intention.  We worship and pray together and alone in the integration of silence and song; listening and speaking; waiting and acting so that these rhythms can permeate our beings.

†        We are dedicated to the transformational practice of growing, preparing and sharing food together as a sign of the deep interconnection and shared life in Christ.  The hospitality of the open table and our care of the land grounds our work of prayer and witness for justice in solidarity with the least powerful in our midst.

†        We are committed to learning, teaching and practicing Jesus’ Way of nonviolence.  We engage the destructive forces of Empire and death while celebrating the creative power of love and compassion.