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After posting this morning’s study of John 6:14,15, I returned to reading Elie Wiesel’s novel The Forgotten.

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Jesus would not have made an effective politician.

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The opening of John chapter 6 marks a radical departure in location from the end of chapter 5.

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It is inevitable, no matter who you are, that a moment comes when you feel that the circumstances of life have let you down. If you are fortunate, the moments will be rare and widely spaced over otherwise fulfilling and rewarding days. But, there are people for whom almost every moment is experienced as falling short of some dearly held goal, hope, or dream.

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Most words that carry much weight in any language have more than one precise isolated meaning. Language is richly textured. Creativity is impoverished when we determine that wordsnmust mean and imply only one thing.

A superficial reading of John 5:31-47 risks giving the wrong impression of Jesus’ nature and the focus of his teaching.

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“Judgement” is one of those terms deeply rooted in Christian tradition that tend to give Christianity a bad name.

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Christians suffer grievously from the negative associations that have grown up around many of the words that are an integral part of our spiritual tradition.

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Today Christians around the world will kneel or stand in churches and receive on their foreheads a black smudge of ash in the form of a cross. The administration of this sign will be accompanied by the words, “Remember you are dust and to dust you shall return.”

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It is probably not at the top of the list of most peoples’ popular celebrations. Even the name sounds archaic and odd. But “Shrove Tuesday” will be observed by millions of Christians today in a variety of ways, all over the world.

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