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Binx Bolling put a link in the comments section of my post “The Tree of Life’ #2 – A Religion Too Small for Terrence Malick”. The link is from PBS where Roy Anker, Calvin College Professor of English, speaks with considerable insight about Terrence Malick’s “The Tree of Life.” It is worth watching:


In case you missed it a massive tidal wave of change has recently been acknowledged by the Federal Government of Canada.

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Some of the response to yesterday’s post brought to  mind an ancient Cherokee story.

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All people carry an energy transmission of life or death.

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Dr. William Morrow – St. Philip Anglican Church Lenten Series Session 5:  ”Contradicts Itself: The Logic of Cult-Centralization” (Deuteronomy 12; 14:22-19:13; 26)

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They say confession is good for the soul. And we are still in the season of Lent. So, what better time to engage in a little self-flagellation.

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It was written over 40 years ago by a church leader to his congregation. The author is long dead. The community to which this letter was addressed is no longer recognizable as the church it once was.

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We have been talking about it for eight years; it was intended to be an instrument of unity among Anglicans.

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It probably happens four times on a good day, a dozen on a bad day. I find myself saying to someone, “I just don’t understand…”

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Paul Wallace is a forty-something science and religion teacher and writer. He is bucking the dominant cultural trend of the past fifty years and sticking it out with his church.

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