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The 2001 film”The Believer” is an extraordinary and disturbing movie.

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I find myself deeply resistant to letting go of the practice of dividing the world into “right” and “wrong”, “good” and “bad”, “likes” and “dislikes”.

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How do Norwegians respond to tragedy?

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As part of his teaching practice called “Satsang”, the California spiritual teacher Adyshanti engages members of his audience in conversation.He speaks for about 40 minutes and then for another 40 minutes receives comments, or questions to which he responds.

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Last night the architect Rodger Woods, who is retired from Woods Parker Architects in Calgary, ( spoke at St. Philip about the connection between church buildings and the community of faith that worships in those buildings.

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Every day, I find myself confronted with situations I am powerless to fix. I would like to make things right; I want to heal the brokenness of the world and set the universe on a smoother course towards everyone’s happiness and fulfillment. But, again and again, I confront the extraordinary limitations of my ability to make things better.

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Why is pain so painful? What is it about the inevitable loneliness of life, that feels so threatening? Why do I experience such a strong compulsion to push away the pain escaping into anesthetic, denial, or distraction? What is it in me that so quickly defaults to resistance when I find myself afraid?

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In the manner of his death, Jesus embodied the dark path of descent that is the central metaphor of Christian faith.

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I cannot imagine there is anyone in the world who has not had the experience of finding themselves in a room full of people and feeling utterly alone. The disorientation that accompanies loneliness in the midst of people can be devastating.

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