Dear Reader,

Thank you for your presence as part of this blog. Some of you I know quite well in person, others I know only though your comments, others I know not at all. But, whatever your connection to this blog, your presence as part of this little thought island in blogland is a blessing.

There are 790 posts on this blog. If each post is 500 words (they are mostly longer, but just to keep the arithmetic simple) that is 395,000 words posted here since April 2, 2010 when I began posting at wordpress. If I have done the arithmetic correctly, that is roughly equivalent to ten books in two and a half years.

It is time to take a break from typing words into this space. It is time to unplug and allow the inner well-spring of my spirit to be refreshed. I am beginning this morning a slightly divided up holiday and week of study leave which probably means I will not appear here again until early October.

Bless you all. Thank you for your interest.