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Eben Alexander, the neurosurgeon who four years ago survived a near-death experience, ponders the meaning of resurrection and its implications for our view of death.

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If we miss the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter, we miss a crucial part of the Holy Week story.

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At Huffpost Religion, Rice University Professor of Biblical Studies April D. DeConick encourages readers of the Bible to take seriously the place of women in biblical tradition.

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Today is the day of despair. Rumours of light fade into doubt.

Listen to the Archbishop of Canterbury’s two and a half minute BBC reflection on Good Friday that was broadcast today:

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In his Good Friday meditation, Peter M. Wallace reflects upon Jesus’ cry from the cross, “I am thirsty”.

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It is challenging to know how to communicate to children something of the nature of Good Friday that might touch their lives in a positive way.

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He really is breaking the mold.

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People want power. When we cannot have power ourselves, we at least want to be connected to people who have power.

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In many places the Bible encourages the practice of silence and stillness as paths to opening to an awareness of God and as the natural response to that awareness.

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