In his Good Friday meditation, Peter M. Wallace reflects upon Jesus’ cry from the cross, “I am thirsty”.

Wallace suggests that Jesus’ experience on the cross is the universal experience of all human beings. We are all thirsty:

Jesus, at the end of his human life, yearns with every beaten, bloody fiber of his being to behold again the face of God.

So, on the cross, Jesus thirsts. He thirsts in a physical sense, surely, but just as surely in a spiritual sense.

As we come to the end of this long, dry season of penitence and reflection, what are you thirsting for? Are you thirsty for God? Does your dry, dusty spirit yearn for refreshment from God’s hand?

Sometimes we get so distracted and exhausted by life that we don’t even realize how thirsty we are. Years ago when my 11-year-old grandson was a 2-year-old toddler, I spent a warm summer afternoon with him. We took a long walk, he played outside on a neighborhood playground and ran around investigating every plant, leaf, rock and twig he could find. After a while I gave him a juice cup, and he grabbed it drank heartily nonstop for several minutes, gasping for breath in between gulps. He clearly hadn’t realized how thirsty he was.

Spiritually, we often do something similar. We become so involved in the minutia of daily living that we don’t realize how parched our soul really is — until the Spirit grabs hold of us in some surprising way and offers the cleansing, cooling, renewing draft of the holy water of God’s presence.

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