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IASP will be taking a bit of a break this week.

It appears the Girl Guides in England have given up on God.

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at the Daily Beast offers a fascinating meditation on the contemporary practice of the marriage rite. The whole article is worth reading at:

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In case you do not keep up to date on all the latest media frenzies, 29-year-old Edward Snowden is young many who was the source behind the biggest intelligence leak in the history of the National Security Agency in the US where he has worked for the last four years as an employee of various outside contractors.

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In a recent post “Life Unworthy of Life” I ended with a class photo in which a boy in a wheel chair sits conspicuously off to one side. See:

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June 16, in Roman Catholic tradition this year was “Evangelium Vitae Sunday,” the Gospel of Life Sunday. In Rome Pope Francis delivered a Homily at Sunday’s Mass in which he pointed to God as the God of life and faith in Christ as the way to life.

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Here are 5 more “guidelines for improv” with my reflections on how these guidelines might change the way we live:

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It is odd that, if you type “Improv” into google, you almost immediately come up with a variety of lists of “rules” that govern “improv”. It would seem that rules are the antipathy of improv.

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In October 1939 the chancellor of Germany, Adolf Hitler, signed an order that brought into existence Action T-4.

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