It has not escaped notice that since I posted:


June 23, 2013 

IASP will be taking a bit of a break this week,

there has been a conspicuous absence of new content posted on IASP by this particular blogger.

It was my intention on June 23 to take a short break after which I would resume regular blogging. This has not happened. I am not entirely sure I can give an adequate explanation for my silence.

It is not that I lack things to write about. There are 67 drafts in my WordPress “Drafts” folder. No doubt many of these drafts do not deserve to see the light of day. But they all bear on issues that interested me enough to at least put down a title and begin to think about what I might want to say on the topic.

I am occasionally asked how I have managed to generate an average of 22 blog posts per month over the past four years at wordpress.

My usual answer is that I have been able to keep turning out blog posts because it is in me to do it. Apart from those things we do out of basic human need for sustenance and shelter, or out of the duties that arise from commitments we have made, the only good reason to do anything is because it is simply in us to do.

Perhaps I am not blogging at the moment because, at least for the past seven weeks, it has simply not been in me to generate blog content every morning.

One of the luxuries of In A Spacious Place is that it is purely voluntary. I do not need IASP for shelter and sustenance. No responsibility compels me to continue filling cyberspace with my words. In fact, as the Comments Section of IASP now demonstrates, IASP seems to be able to carry on quite beautifully even in my absence.

Where is this little five year (counting my first year at blogspot) blogging experiment headed?

I do not have a good answer at the moment. I know that starting Monday August 12 I will be on holiday for a month. I will not be blogging during my holiday.

Will I be back in mid-September?

I know that I am committed to produce something for the Times Colonist print edition and “Spiritually Speaking” blog on September 21. So, I will definitely have a post to put up on Saturday September 21. After that… I do not know.

There is a great deal I love about IASP. I have learned a lot over my five years of blogging. It has helped me reflect more deeply on the world in which I live. I have been enormously stimulated by many of the exchanges that have taken place in the Comments Section. It has been gratifying to see people begin to interact with one another around thoughts that have emerged in this space.

So, there are many things that make a return to IASP attractive. But, I am committed to resist returning to blogging out of a sense of duty, or any neurotic need to be seen out there in the world.

The only reason for IASP to continue is because the author experiences the inner move of the Spirit leading him to put down words and send them out into the world.

If the Spirit moves again in the fall, I will return. If the Spirit has a different project in mind for me, I will go in the direction the wind seems to be blowing.

The wind blows where it chooses, and you hear the sound of it, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes. So it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit.’ (John 3:8)

In the meantime, if you find yourself craving in-put from IASP, my archives at wordpress contains 1,089 posts and the are 5,726 stimulating comments you could peruse. There are another 79 older posts at:

Feel free to poke around in the murky past at wordpress or blogspot.

But, however you spend the time you might previously have been giving to IASP, may you find profound challenge, rich fulfillment, and deep blessing in your life.