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The post below appeared in this morning’s print edition of our local newspaper “The Times Colonist” and on their “Spiritually Speaking” blog.

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In his sixth church-killing culprit, Steve McSwain raises a thorny but important issue for the church.

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Talking about love is a lot like talking about God.

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In his article “Sunday Mornings are Broken”, Tom Ehrich identifies important trends that churches can berate and argue against but ignore at our peril.

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A recent article by Tom Ehrich titled “Sunday Mornings Are Broken” has been posted and re-posted around the internet, causing a stir of worthwhile, though at times heated, conversation.

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Intentions are often difficult to fulfill.

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When we step away for a moment from the routine pressures of our usual lives, we may see things more clearly.

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I will be away from electronic media until Sunday November 24. There will be no new posts at In A Spacious Place until after that date.

What kind of God, allows the “the complete destruction of towns and villages”, the displacement of “more than 600,000 people”, and the deaths of at least 5,000 in the Philippines, but is apparently alleged to have gone to the trouble of protecting a statue of Jesus?

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Steve McSwain’s fifth trend that he sees leading to decline in the church makes an important point. (see October 28

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