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After 37 years of marriage, I remain filled with gratitude for the blessing of my married life.

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Today I embark upon my seventh decade manifesting in this material realm of space and time.

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As we prepare for a five night stay at Our Lady of Guadalupe Trappist Abbey, I am preparing for one of the great crises of our monastic retreats.

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One of the problems with the Internet for public figures is that the Internet never forgets. Your past will always catch up with you.

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Reflecting on this year’s movie offerings over the summer season Johanna Schneller in the Globe and Mail is struck that, instead of the usual “silly season” of movies she is accustomed to viewing over the warm months of summer, this year “in every cinema, I see meditations on mortality.”

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Why must Christians go on being embarrassed and humiliated by headlines appearing in the press reporting stories about the conduct of the church in relation to people in same-gender relationships?

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An anonymous piece that appeared on the “Salon” website today needs to be read, thought about and wrestled with by people of Christian faith, particularly those who take a role in nurturing faith in children. There is an important challenge in “The shocking discovery about evangelical Christianity that I made after becoming a father”.

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Four years ago Jeff Maguire Pastor at Mariner’s Church Irvine California created a white board video titled “The Missional Church.”

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I am deeply grateful to live in a country where this debate is no longer necessary and hopefully will never again need to become a real topic for discussion. Our neighbours to the south are not so fortunate and so in the US capital punishment continues to be a deeply contentious issue.

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