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Along with 50 people from as far away as Toronto, Ontario and Santa Barbra, California, I am presently camped out at Cowichan Lake Research Station Conference Centre with Cynthia Bourgeault.

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Cynthia Bourgeault is in town on her way to lead a five day Wisdom School at Cowichan Lake near Victoria, BC.

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In the end, there is only one question we will all be called to face.

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It was dark, well past lights out time for wee ones.

“Mummy,” the little voice called from down the hall, “I need you”.

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In this blog, I have agonized a number of times over my inability as an Anglican to receive communion in the Roman Catholic Church. I have speculated, some would say fantasized, about the possibility Pope Francis might be set to loosen up the restrictions that forbid non-Roman Catholics from sharing fully in the Mass.

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Almost my last post here before going on holiday related to events in Seattle around Mars Hill Church and the challenge of lead pastor Mark Driscoll.

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