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These notes from 18 years ago are taken from a day I, along with some clergy colleagues, spent with Cynthia Bourgeault in Victoria, B.C.

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Working in a church death is a fairly routine part of life. But, family death and parish death have brushed our lives with more than the usual presence in the past month.

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Making The All Saints Passage
29-31 October 1999

The All Saints Triduum marks the passage through death and darkness to the light. It is a mini- Easter vigil.

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We have all heard the argument – religion is responsible for most of the violence that has ever afflicted the human community.

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Living Presence Transcript

that’s the matrix of transformation: meditation; sacred chanting; sacred movement; reading of sacred scripture

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I have not been following the Jian Ghomeshi versus CBC drama.

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Cynthia Bourgeault Silence And The Word 21 & 22 November 1997
St. Philip Oak Bay

Word and silence belong together.

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Every once in a while, but sadly seldom I am afraid, my internet news feed spits out something that is so refreshingly wise, thoughtful, and well-written that it is almost impossible to take excerpts for a blog post.

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18 OCTOBER 1994 (clergy day at Queenswood)
6 June 1996 at St. Philip, Oak Bay and 22 November 1997,
Bainbridge Island  20 May 2001

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Ross Douthat of the New York Times seems to be getting into a bit of a state about his Pope.

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