In the “Parable of the Ten Bridesmaids” (Matthew 25:1-13) the marriage feast is an allegory for the kingdom of heaven. Christ is the bridegroom. There is a joining, a marriage of the opposites in one’s being.

This is a parable of how we get into the kingdom. There is an urgency. You have to do the work. You make oil through your own work.

It is easier to get the lamp than to get the oil. To make oil is to take why you know and put it to work in your life. Oil cannot be given to you.

10 virgins have to do with the virgin part of ourselves – le point vierge.

The more oil you make, the more you will recognize the bridegroom.

Eucharist is the wedding feast.

A truth will hover out there. It will say, “Come.” If you act on this, the next step will open up. If you don’t respond, the truth recedes and you recede.

People get trapped in their traditions. We make the mistake of using our intellect to convince ourselves that we have the truth. When life becomes threatening, we run back into our head.

If you start to notice inconsistencies between what you say and what you do, act on the truth you know. This is oil making.

In this world no conscious work is ever wasted.” (Meetings With Remarkable Men)

Normally we are trapped in our likes and dislikes.

The first step is seeing and noticing our discrepancies without the slightest hint of judgment. This just is what is and we are willing to see.

The second step is to ever-so-gently do something about it. “I wonder what would happen if I didn’t….”

Look at your psychological state and watch. See: “This is strange and odd,” but you don’t need to change it.

Learn to be at ease in your own skin, regardless of the state you are in.

Your feeling state does not have to drive you out of being. Move to a deeper centre of being where you no longer have to fix things.

“States come and go but being remains.”

Be ok. This is the rock at the bottom of the ocean.

This is not about attaining an ideal state. If you are seeking an ideal state, you will try to control.

Don’t try to control too tightly. This will lead to incomplete observation. Don’t demand perfection. Cut yourself enough slack.

Don’t make a religion out of your better moments.” (Jacob Needleman)

Have trust. Something is holding you.

Watch when you lose it. This is not about measurement. You can experiment.

Realize the important truth that happiness does not come from outside yourself.

You will be propelled along the path by the authenticity of your own questions.

Pure hunger and thirst is all that is needed.

Follow the sweetness. The image of God within is the animating principle.

Find in yourself that which lives beyond death. This is of benefit to the cosmos. This is where we meet Christ.

The small self’s appointed task is just to keep us alive.