How do we move through restlessness and discomfort?

Sitting in your cell is a way of pulling the plug on external stimuli. This is what we do in meditation.

Bolt the door on as many escape routes as possible.

Physical and emotional things clutter our life so we can’t see clearly.

The cell is your self.

We have a small self (nafs – lower, passional self). This is the lower, psychological self, It includes your emotions, your enneagram number. The teaching is to sit with all this; it is not about psychological self-examination.

Free up space to have a relationship with consciousness.

Janis Joplin – “freedom means you have nothing left to lose”

You could grab a thought but you come to a point where you don’t want to; you know you will miss something.

Develop your willingness to endure inconsistency.

When the self becomes transparent there are no more stories.

You don’t need to define. You don’t need references to explain.

There are no barriers between forms. The self is much more fluid.

Stained glass not much good till light shines through.

We can be both the one and the many and be perfectly at home in both. See the lightness of the light that holds it all together, the transparent soul that things just dance through.

We are at the epicenter of stained glass and true light. This is how God manifests.

“keep your attention in yourself”

If you know you belong, the rest will work out. Rest in the fact that you are known.

To “remember” is to come into presence of God.

The opposite of love is fear.

“The world” is a symbol word for the collective trance of so much of society. It refers to the veils, the illusions, the illusory sense of home that keep us unconscious.

“The world” is the veil that you pull over your eyes to prevent you seeing the truth; it is not about the physical world. In fact it is the illusion prevents us from seeing the physical world.

“The world” is what we see when we look through egoic eyes

The “flesh” is about the pain and pleasure cycle.

The peace that comes from the “flesh” is the peace that comes from striving to meet our needs and wants, when it works.

The opposite of being trapped on this pain and pleasure cycle is equanimity. We don’t need to grab. We become indifferent to hot and cold, or to our conditions.

Equanimity is not about indifference which is cold. Indifference builds a castle in an attempt to make ourselves invulnerable to the world and to God.

Equanimity is warm and embracing; it makes us vulnerable from vulvuis which relates to womb.

Transformation works better through conditions that are not comfortable.

When you are comfortable you are least likely to grow. Hunger is what spurs you on.

We find our way to purity not by renunciation, but by surrender. We need to be willing to let our apple cart be turned upside down, to be open to new beginnings.

Whatever you do, don’t knock the edge off your spiritual hunger, don’t fill yourself with false food.

John the Baptist took the path of renunciation. He said, “No” to this and “No” to that.

Jesus took the riskier route. He drank and danced. He was a model of gentle equanimity. The heart can be tender, soft and you can play in it; just don’t get lost in it.

If you stay in your cell you should eventually be able to find out what you are here for; you will discover a personal answer.

The inner language says don’t forget who you are.

Be “sorrowful”; have remorse and contrition. This is the ability to fall into that free fall and know you can let go. It is the opposite of indifference.

It is through the crucifixion of the heart that the love flows.

When the heart is broken and you still go forth – this is the mystery of the cross.

Our hearts are Eucharist; they need to learn to be broken in a holy way.