Making The All Saints Passage
29-31 October 1999

Bede Griffiths last words – “Receive the growing Christ”. He became another cell in the mystical Christ.

All Souls is about the rest of our lives – our life as a final statement.

Whenever we do meditation we are entering into the crucifixion of Christ.

We have a constant monologue in our heads – “Am I doing ok?” This is a waste of energy, saying “Hello” to ourselves throughout the day.

Laurence Freeman – we give up this monologue when we go into meditation. This is dying to self.

Keating – “taking a vacation from yourself.”

We find God in the act of consent, not necessarily in the silence. We are practicing the Christian act of surrender.

The act of surrender in meditation is the important act. Then we can bring this more and more into daily life.

Lose your life to save your life.

Die to the little self, to all your self-retrieval mechanisms.

“Surrender” means to hand over. It is not the same as knuckling under.

What do we do with the rest of our lives?

We don’t need to fix anything in our external circumstances to make things ok. Okayness is our birthright We have to simply turn to the face of God = “Repent”, not in a grovelling sense.

Our life is about developing the quality of “yesness” to God.

The interaction between the word and the silence is like breathing. The silence is a womb where something can give birth.

Babbling comes through the ego. The ego is always anxious, wanting to be noticed.

When the body dies, the egoic self dies.

Purity of heart = honesty. The willingness to turn to that place in the heart is what is needed.

Life is an exercise in the courage to say “yes”. Each “yes” will be a very individual personal thing. For some it might be more out-going, for some more subdued.

Our life begins to take the shape of this “yes”. We live beyond needing everyone’s attention or becoming undone when life doesn’t work out the way we want it to.

Less is more.


Living Presence Transcript

When people ask you questions about, “Do you like what you are doing?” the question doesn’t compute because liking is completely irrelevant and you’ve developed enough of an independent being that you move apart from likes and dislikes. You’re not trying to satisfy yourself at that level. And so you become an immediately plugged-in instrument of Divine will. You have no will apart from Divine will – that’s what surrender really means.


Dying before you die is the complete willingness to let go of your grip on your egoic identity, in other words, to be willing to give up not only your life but your fear of losing your life. That’s what dying before die classically means.

The process of dying before you die can just go on blissfully killing you, you know? And the more of you it kills, the more that what’s left is whole and free and quietly aligned with the unshakeable and irrevocable.

The wager is this: that you have within you in your heart of hearts the capacity to manifest now, consistently, fully out of your essential self; dying before you die, living in the fullness of your being, taking your identity and interacting in the world from your subtle senses rather than from your egoic.