Conversations of the Heart VST Summer School
Cynthia Bourgeault Wednesday 9-15 July 2007

The egoic operating system makes a mirage of the self feel solid. But in fact it is unsubstantiated this “self” is only a function of perceiving the world through the egoic operating system.

Every religious tradition agrees there is something wrong with the human condition. There is an implication that we have got to get out of here. But in fact there is no mistake. Even the ego has its place. The problem is not the ego which is a violin – you are not your violin.

When you shift to a unitive operating system, the rest takes care of itself.

Is the misery of the world the result of sin or ignorance?

The East says – ignorance.

The West says – there is something fundamentally wrong/evil/sinful.

If you sense yourself from scarcity, all your responses to the world will be seeking to make yourself more secure, more substantial. The egoic operating system cannot make itself feel safe.

There is no way you can improve yourself.

The demon your are trying to fix doesn’t exist in the first place; it is just a mirage created by the egoic operating system.

You want to find your true self but it cannot be found within the confines of the egoic operating system.

The real project is not to fix the ego, but to discover that there is a whole different operating system in you that perceives differently using a whole different set of hard wiring.

Change is incremental. There is another operating system installed in us and slowly we begin to use it and transfer our seat of identity to it. We think the egoic operating system is the only show in town.

But it is possible to perceive the world with a whole different set of connectors, to perceive from wholeness, discerning how everything first rather than how it is different. Sees context and wholeness. It all fits. All consciousness is connected.

The spiritual journey has nothing to do with the ego. Let it be. The spiritual journey has to do with strengthening the unitive perception and sifting our sense of identity to that seat.

As long as we are trapped in egoic perception we will create egoic selves. Changing the operating system is not a moral act but perceptual. When we change the operating system, everything else will fall into place.

Putting the mind into the heart – reconnect the brain of the mind with the brain of the heart, then we are able to flow out into life on the same wavelength as Jesus.

Jesus came as a teacher of the non-dual. His disciples were not non-dual so they misinterpreted his teaching.

Labourers in the vineyard (Matthew 20:1-16) – Those hired last are paid first. As long as you are perceiving in terms of more or less, you can’t crack the parable. When we see that there is never any lack, we see that there is no competition only inclusion. The master brought people in, not so they could be paid, but so they could participate.

Jesus operated out of the perception of abundance. This is heart perception. When we seek connections, we see abundance and draw replenishment from it.

No permanent healing action emerges from the level of the egoic operating system.

How do we make the move into non-dual perception?

The beginning of the journey to the non-dual in you is meditation.

Meditation rewires the brain opening new channels of connection.

Centering Prayer is prayer done completely with the gesture of opening, softening, yielding, beginning to dance. It is not about getting rid of thoughts, but practicing the gesture of letting go. All distractions are taking you toward God… if you let them go.