Conversations of the Heart VST Summer School
Cynthia Bourgeault Wednesday 9-15 July 2007

Meditation opens us to a relationship with the sense of coherence. It allows us to see connection. We cannot see this with the mind.

Meditation is no longer just about our personal self-actualization. The real point is that our planet can no longer sustain the egoic operating system. We are pumping into the air psychic toxins. WE have to waken from the dream of our rationality.

Contemplation moving into education is not a luxury. We have lost something.

There is a myth that contemplation and action are opposites. But the real transformations that take place in the world are energetic. Social justice done under the direction of the egoic operating system has the inevitable backlash of putting negative energy into the world.

When we move to a heart connection, we hear that our neighbour is simply a continuation of one reality.

So much of what we experience as our “calling” is simply our unwillingness to sit in our own skin.

Friday 13 July 2007

Raimon Panikkar – The Trinity. Persons are co-relative functions. There is no father without a child. Father = the engendering action. Son = the receiving function.

The Trinity is an image/icon of pure relationality.

Consciousness is the great field of exchange in which things come into form as parts of relations.

Perichoresis (Gk meaning “rotation”) –means we can’t separate divinity from doing. Love is as love does.

There is no such thing as a state of divinity. The verb “divinizing” is activated in the act of giving away.

We need to listen for the ultimate subtle experience that joins us together in the dance that is life.

In the end “me” disappears and there is only Christ returning to the Father (Bernadette Roberts).

The individual drop that we are disappears, thought the water lives eternally in Christ. Water and drop meet and become one.

You cannot do this with your heard.

The western world thinks Greek. The western methodology is top heavy with nouns. The west likes states, hierarchies and order. We mistake unity for uniformity.

When we look out of our own cosmovision, we can’t see the filter we are looking through.

Christology, as we have done it, is a product of a western cosmovision. We need to understand how particular and self-serving our cosmovision is.

We need to understand that the only way to know Jesus is from the inside.

We need to stop hurling theologies at each other and find out what is the experience that gives rise to experience.

We need to go beyond the egoic narrative to the experience where we discover the universal template that is imprinted on the soul. Heart awareness is not culturally conditioned.

The goal is to touch the one heart where we discover that all human beings are wired in the same way.

The Infinite is not “unnameable” but infinitely nameable.

I am not myself God; but neither am I entirely separate from God. I am a Thou of an I. God is the I of which I am God’s Thou. This is the mystery of interpenetration.

Christianity is essentially a non-dual religion.

The Trinity is an icon of praxis. This is the path which teaches us kenosis. No act of kenosis is ever isolated. They all connect you to that great river of perichoresis and they unite you.

Centre yourself in the deepest part of yourself and then allow yourself to flow forth in service in whatever way or situation needs to be served to bring harmony.