sooner or later, if we follow Christ we have to risk everything in order to gain everything. We have to gamble on the invisible and risk all that we can see and taste and feel. But we know the risk is worth it, because there is nothing more insecure than the transient world. For this world as we see it is passing away (I Cor. 7:31). 26

The gambles I have taken in my life have been slight.

I live comfortably in an incredibly privileged part of the world. I am as secure in my material circumstances as it is possible to be, no matter the amount of money one may ever manage to accumulate. I am blessed with strong beautiful human relationships. At the moment I have good health and relatively secure employment.

As a follower of Jesus, I have not been required to make a lot of sacrifices.

And yet in another sense my whole life has been a “gamble on the invisible.” I have spoken for endless hours both in public and in private conversation of the insecurity of “the transient world.” At the same time I have declared my conviction that there is a hidden invisible dimension that transcends all that “we can see and taste and feel.”

About the insecurity of the transient dimension of life, I have no doubts. But perhaps, about the rest, I have been a fool. I lack all power to demonstrate with absolute certainty the validity of that hidden dimension of life in which I have placed so much faith. I cannot prove that this invisible reality towards which I have always pointed my life actually exists.

I have gambled on slight hints, subtle scents and occasional glimpses of mystery and beauty that seem to transcend the physical dimension that so often fills my vision and preoccupies my mind.

I have chosen this gamble rather than attempting the task I knew to be impossible of finding any security and lasting meaning in the impermanent material world

What gamble have I taken in my life?

If I am willing to acknowledge the insecurity of this transient world, where do I look for any sense of security?