To really know our “nothingness” we must also love it. And we cannot love it unless we see that it is good. And we cannot see that it is good unless we accept it. 38

It is almost unbearable to look honestly at my “nothingness.” To be nothing… no thing, of no significance, no account, no importance, seems almost an unimaginable prospect to bear. Everything within me rises up against this awareness as I struggle to establish for myself a secure sense of identity and safety in the world.

On one level it is an undeniable reality. No matter how great and mighty I may seem in the eyes of the world, regardless of my fine achievements or how “successful” I may appear, in the great arc of creation every human life is a miniscule blip on the surface of time. I am a microorganism in a vast unmeasurable churning sea of life. My little life and my tiny dramas are nothing in the vast tide of life that washes eternally on the shores of reality.

But, on another level, when I open to the possibility that even this “nothingness” is “good,” a new awareness emerges. I find that the presence of love lies hidden as a seed in the heart of our “nothingness.”

All my schemes and strategies have been struggling to create this love that exists already at the heart of all being. When I stop trying to build my life and cease my endless efforts to create an identity for myself, I know that, at the heart of this “nothingness” there is not nothing. Something resides here in this empty spacious place that is my true nature.

There is a force and a power that transcend time and material reality. This is the realm of that ” steadfast love that endures for ever” about which the Psalmist sang (Psalm 136:1b).

In the midst of “nothingness”, when my heart opens to the depth, I become aware of the dimension of eternity that exists beyond the death of all those things I have looked to in a futile attempt to establish my identity.

How does it feel to truly contemplate the depth of my nothingness in the grace arc of time and creation?

What opens within my when I come to accept that “nothingness” as something that in itself is “good”?