Bells…break in upon our cares in order to remind us that all things pass away and that our preoccupations are not important.

They speak to us of our freedom, which responsibilities and transient cares make us forget.

They are the voice of our alliance with the God of heaven.

They tells us that we are His true temple. They call us to peace with Him within ourselves. 68

I need “bells” in my life.

I need to build into my days reminders that call me to awaken to the transience of life. I need to create mnemonic devices that keep before me the inevitability of my death and the relative unimportance of all those things about which I spend so much of my life being obsessed.

I must find ways to remind myself of my true nature as a child created in the image of God who has planted within me the freedom, beauty and truth of my Creator. It is so easy for the “transient cares” of my days to cause me to “forget” who I truly am and to whom I truly belong.

So often “the voice” of my “alliance with the God of heaven” becomes dulled. I forget that the centre of all life is the luminous presence of the divine reality in whom true life resides. I lose touch with my destiny and the ultimate source of all meaning in this life.

Again and again I need to hear Paul’s stirring affirmation when he reminds me of the beautiful truth that,

you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you. (I Corinthians 3:16)

In the silence of my heart this shining reality needs to sound with the clarion call of a bell that summons me to acknowledge the deep mystery of my being and to affirm in faith the wonder of my true identity as a vessel of God’s divine presence.

My life is more than my cares and concerns. I am not defined by my doubts and my failures. I am a bearer of the image and likeness of the God by whom I am created and who sustains my life.

What bells can I ring in my life that will call me back to my true nature?

What disciplines might I develop that might help me to be more sensitive to the ringing bells of truth in my life?