The fear which is the first step to wisdom is the fear of being untrue to God and to ourselves. It is the fear that we have lied to ourselves, that we have thrown down our lives at the feet of a false god. 82

What are the “false gods” that keep me from living truthfully? What are the altars at which I worship that turn me away from authenticity, integrity, and genuineness? What are the forces that cause me to hide and pretend?

Living the Christian life is, before anything else, a commitment to honesty. When I make a choice for self-protection, or self-promotion, I need to acknowledge to myself that I have “thrown down my life at the feet of a false god.”

The writer of Colossians instructs his audience simply,

Do not lie to one another, seeing that you have stripped off the old self with its practices. (Colossians 3:9)

The tragedy of my life is that I forget I have died to the “practices” of my “old self.” I forget that I no longer serve self-will. I have been set free from all attempts to make an impression in the physical material realm. There is nothing I need any longer from the world of external perception. I am free to live deeply from within.

My life is no longer controlled from outside. I am no longer the victim of my environment.

There is a deep free authentic place within my innermost being that will guide my life into truth and liberate me from my bondage to any “false god.”

The spiritual disciplines of my life all aim to help me remember who I am and to stay connected to my awareness of that deep inner self which is incapable of dishonesty or pretense. This does not mean I must always say everything that is on my mind. But it does mean I will always be honest with myself about why I am making the choices I have made. I will always aim to choose to live in harmony with the truth and life by which I seek to guide my life into the path of authenticity.

What false gods am I tempted to throw my life down before?

What inhibits me from living the deep authentic genuine life that I know is my true calling?