A man becomes solitary at the moment when, no matter what may be his external surroundings, he is suddenly aware of his own inalienable solitude and sees that he will never be anything but solitary. From that moment, solitude is not potential – it is actual. 87

I am alone.

I am blessed with beautiful loving supportive people in my life. I am privileged to enjoy the gift of relationships that are rich and deep. I spend much of my life surrounded by people.

And yet… I am alone.

There is a part of my being no other person can touch. I can barely touch it myself. There is a deep mystery at the centre of my life that is hidden beneath layers of history, psychology, story, and emotion.

I do not want to acknowledge this aloneness. I want to be known. I want to share all of my life with another person. I want to feel that I belong totally to another human being on this earth and that this person can belong completely to me. I want to find my home in human relationship, to find another person with whom there is absolute security and complete safety.

But, it is an illusion. No human relationship is ever totally free of pain. No matter how close and intimate we may be we all hurt each other. There will be miscommunication, misunderstanding, confusion, and disconnection in even the most intimate relationship.

As long as we remain in the separate manifestations of these mortal frames we continue in the illusion of separation and the pain that always results from our failure to perceive the truth of the oneness of all life.

To be a solitary is to hold the apparent contradiction that, while I live in solitude, at my deepest core, I am one with all life. While we appear separate and experience our lives as disconnected, we are part of one interwoven creation. And the day will come when that inherent unity of all being for which my heart longs is finally revealed. I will see in my solitude that I have actually never been alone. All beings are present with me in the intricate web of this life held in the Divine.

What keeps me trapped in the illusion of separateness?

What helps me perceive the unity of all beings?