CAMP COLUMBIA, Thetis Island, B.C. JULY 13-15, 2007
Cynthia Bourgeault

 Saturday July 14, 2007 7:00 p.m. Q. & A.

Perhaps the best testament to what we are teaching is one person who can interiorize spaciousness and presence, remaining centered in their own being.

You are a fragrance. One of the spaces you occupy is a physical energetic body, but you are not exhausted by that. You are who you are as an energetic field which can inhabit your physical body and at the same time reach out, interconnect and influence everything which is the level at which anything on this planet gets done.

Letting go is a visceral act performed in the body which undergirds and makes possible an attitude of acceptance which is a conscious choice not to resist. Letting go is the interior act which gives you space to get released from your identities. Identities we have not let go will hurt us and others.

There is action that occurs directly without you charging in on your great white horse to right the wrongs of life, because actions on a white horse will always be partly hurtful. There has to be a deeper way that comes from effortless action.

We tend to set up the ideal as egolessness which depicts the ego as the bad guy that has to be gotten rid of so we will no longer be wracked by ambivalence. Ego never goes away because it is needed for manifestation. The uestion is whether the ego is seated in our identity; if it is, then we need to keep moving to find our centre in a place that is not the ego.

Our motivations are mixed right up to the end – to the extent we see this we will do less harm.

To use the spiritual path as an excuse not to plunge in can be cowardice. Be as honest as you can in the moment and trust the process.

Betrayal – is one of the most anguishing human experiences. Only two options going through betrayal:

  1. rage and bitterness, cynicism and mumbling – leads to death. It murders you, your own being is being turned into stone.


  1. living with a broken heart –how are we to live with a broken heart? Invoke the mystery of the cross. The reason the earth exists in the form it does is because as it is, precisely in the conditions in which it comes to us certain exquisite savours of God come into existence – fidelity and steadfastness.

A broken heart consciously borne contains the most precious thing God can say about love – it is the eucharist reached at the limits of what the human can bear.

There is a tendency to want to get out of pain. But if we can hold it and sense that this holding is joined with the suffering of Christ, it is transformed.

Little by little if you can stand the tension, the heart that does not harden itself; it heals in a better place.

Depression and the dark night of the soul are frequently mixed up. Depression is the feeling of being pressed down. Dark night of the soul has a dark light. People in the dark night are still able to get up and do what needs to be done.

Depression energy – it is all about me. Dark night – fundamentally not all about me. The problem is that the two often happen concurrently. But something in you knows. We need to regain our confidence – if you truly ask in your innermost being you will get an answer – don’t bail out of your deepest innermost self. Seek your inner being and trust. In deep silence you will re-discover this.