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As with so many of the characters who appear in the stories surrounding the person of Jesus, Reza Aslan has special knowledge of the motivations and inner workings of John the Baptist.

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Curiously, for all his historical scepticism about the canonical Gospels, there is one “document” Reza Aslan does seem to trust.

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Whatever Reza Aslan thought he was doing when he sat down to write his book Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth, he certainly understood that the exercise involved dealing with history.

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No I have not been on retreat for two full weeks.

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IASP is on retreat.

this is the mystery of our vocation: not that we cease to be men in order to become angels or gods, but that the love of my man’s heart can becomes God’s love for God and men, and my human tears can fall from my eyes as the tears of God because they well up from the motion of His Spirit in the heart of His incarnate Son. 144

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Dear God,

Why did you create so many bluebells?

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Will Mancini is concerned about the church. He is upset by what he calls “a disturbing trend” in church these days.

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Tuesday I took my precious laptop into our local highly-recommended computer fix-it store.

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The greatest of God’s secrets is God Himself.

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