Today is the day of uncertainty, confusion, and despair. Rumours of light fade into doubt. There is nowhere to turn that does not feel utterly abandoned. Our hopes and dreams have dissolved into darkness.

The earth stands still. The cosmos holds its breath, not even waiting because there is nothing left for which to wait. There are no hopes left to expect. It is no longer possible to imagine a light that might ever dawn.

Today is the day when all our uncertainties and confusions grind to the surface. Everything is irredeemably broken.

Today is the day we do not know what to do with ourselves. We do not know which way to turn. No direction seems any better than any other. All we can see are our failures. All we know are the defeats with which we are too familiar. There is no faith, no trust, no confidence.

We cannot move backward; the past only reminds us of shame, punishing us with the guilt that seems inescapable. All our failures lie exposed on the surface of our lives. We are consumed by remorse.

The present has become unbearable. Each breath twists painfully in our chests. It is impossible to imagine putting one foot in front of another on this broken earth where injustice, tragedy, and violence prevail.

We cannot move forward; there is no forward to move toward. It is no longer possible to picture a future better than this barren present.

Today is the day we have no comfort to offer. We share only loss. A ragged empty abyss opens around us. It is a dark vortex, sucking life into its emptiness.

We are paralysed. Our goals are gone; our dreams crumble like cracked earth at our blistered feet.

Our dashed hopes rise to mock us. All we had imagined lies shattered beneath the crushing victory of hatred and power.

Everything is lost. We do not know how to begin to find our way out of this desperate place.

Today there are no road maps, no instruction manuals.

We grope to find our way in the chaos, but no longer trust that any way can be found.

Words are not adequate to express how lost this place is. Our disappointment bleeds all comfort out of life. Our expectations lie shattered. This is the end of the story. There are no glad tomorrows, no bright sunshiny happy endings to this tale. We have reached a blank wall.

Everything is pain. This is the ultimate terror of the human condition. We have learned that, to expect anything more than this from life is childish and futile.

How will we carry on? What possible reason will we find for rising tomorrow and the next day and the next after that?

Every consolation sounds empty and trite.

We cannot believe the sun came up this morning. It is impossible to imagine how our hearts keep beating. Death has had the final word.

Here the story ends. “Darkness” has come over the whole land. Everything we held to be true and beautiful has been cast into eclipse. The shadow of death passes over the face of life and stops. There are no longer any words to speak.