The peace produced by grace is a spiritual stability too deep for violence – it is unshakeable, unless we ourselves admit the power of passion into our own sanctuary.

Emotion can trouble the surface of our being, but it will not stir the depths if these are held and possessed by grace. 127, 128

I have tasted this place of “spiritual stability” that “is unshakeable.” I have known and trusted that part of my being where nothing can “stir the depths.”

I know those silent depths of ocean darkness where peace lies undisturbed by surface restlessness. The flotsam and jetsam constantly rise and fall with the waves, while the depths rest silent and still.

Sadly, I do not dwell consistently undisturbed in this place of peace and rest. It is too easy to be yanked to the surface. I become so quickly entangled again in the conflicts and chaos of constantly colliding forces that clash on the surface of my life.

I live between turbulent confusion and settled depths.

I invite the disturbing “power of passion into my own sanctuary” whenever I fall into the illusion that my task in life is to control the surface circumstances of my existence. This passion demands my life be a certain way. It fights for my rights, my privileges, my prestige. It seeks to establish a secure sense of identity using the fantasy building blocks the world provides.

As soon as I sense that there is something on the surface I need to protect, something I need to prove, to earn, or to demonstrate, I lose that “peace” that is “produced by grace.” Nothing is stable or secure on the surface. Everything is influx; there is constant change, uncertainty and confusion.

My heart opens to “the peace produced by grace” when I cease seeking to establish myself in the external realm. I continue to function in the world; but it has no power over me. I live no longer as a victim of the world’s forces. I live rather in that freedom for which Christ ha set me free. (Galatians 5:1)

What are the obsessions and preoccupations that keep me trapped on the surface of life?

What practices might I adopt in my life that could help me to renew my connection with the steady peaceful depths of my life?