10 minutes on a church to which it is worth belonging: http://episcopaldigitalnetwork.com/ens/2015/10/30/video-jefferts-schori-reflects-on-nine-year-term-as-presiding-bidingishop/


I do want to be part of the healed world the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church of the United States seems to picture when she argues that,Katharine-Jefferts-Schori

People of faith are getting on with loving Jesus and trying to love their neighbours as themselves.

Things get in the way. The normal human spiritual challenges of, you know, “Me first…”  or “I’d rather be angry about this than find a creative way through it. 

But, long term, I think most people remember that they are beloved of God and their role in this world is to find a place of greater peace and harmony. 

That’s the deepest definition of “sin” when we decide that some people are not made in the image of God. We are all made in the image of God.

If you have missed the past nine years of Katherine Jefferts Schori leadership in the Episcopal Church of the United Sates of America, don’t fail to listen to her parting words of wisdom. This is worth hearing:

Confronted with the incarnate reality of another human being, most of us can find constructive ways of conversing with one another.

That’s the route of death to be turned inward on your internal conflicts; because it doesn’t lead to new life.

Katherine Jefferts Schori seems to be a genuine grounded, thoughtful human being. Perhaps the church and its critics might do well to emulate this thoughtful godly woman.  She offers a vision of living the Gospel that seems to have the capacity to appeal to adults and to move beyond the kind fo childish conflicts that have torn the church apart for the past 30 years.

Let’s move beyond our petty differences, stop projecting our own unhappiness and dissatisfaction on to some imagined “enemy” out there and choose the loving kindness to which Jesus and Katherine are calling us.