Hope does not need to operate only in the future tense. Hope, at its best, is not “pie in the sky in the sweet by and by.”

True hope has the courage to live in the present. It does not need to pretend the reality of this moment is not as painful and difficult as it is. But, having faced the struggle of now, it does not wait for life to be fixed or to change at some later date.

Hope is a reality to be lived now.

Hope moves forward confident that, whatever may come I have within me the resources to meet any challenge with some degree of equanimity and peace.

Hope affirms, as the writer of the First Letter of John wrote, that “the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.” (I John 4:4)

The “greater one” is the one whose birth we prepare to celebrate. He is the one who cast terror into the heart of Herod the Great. He is the one of whom angels sing, who shepherds honour, and wise men worship. He is the power of life, the gift of love and beauty that dwells in our innermost being as our true and deepest nature. Against this “greater one” there is no power that can prevail. With this “greater one” there is always hope in the present moment.

How does my attitude to hope change when I open to the fullness of the present moment, no matter how difficult it may be?