Peace is elusive.

It may be the most universally longed for and seldom realized quality in human experience.

The lack of peace we see in international affairs reflects the unrest and turmoil present at times in almost all human relationships. We struggle to get along together because we are not at peace within ourselves.

The violence I inflict on people in my life is a reflection of the unresolved tension I experience within.

I am attached to certain outcomes. I have goals, agendas, needs, wants, desires, demands, and expectations that are frustrated. I want life to be a certain way. When life fails to conform to my wishes, I find myself in turmoil and my unrest afflicts my relationship to everyone and everything in my life.

The path to peace lies along the way of surrender. When I surrender I choose to let go of my demand, even my expectation, that life should be different than it is. I resolve to open to my circumstances as they are and live within the parameters of reality as it presents itself in my life.

I will never find peace as long as I depend upon wrestling my circumstances under my control in a vain attempt to achieve some elusive contentment.

What can I let go of in order to find the elusive peace for which my heart longs?