There is no one who lacks the capacity for love.

Therefore, there is no one for whom it is possible to know God.

The writer of I John says,

let us love one another, because love is from God;
everyone who loves is born of God and knows God.

( I John 4:7)

This is an extravagantly expansive image of God and of how human beings know God. God “is love” and anyone who “loves… knows God.” Love is the definition of God. To love is to know God.

There are no qualifiers here, no boundaries, no parameters. Love is not bound to any creed, doctrine, or community. No one owns the rights to God.

Love can be embodied in a community, expressed by a doctrine and pointed to in a tradition. Religious expression can help us grow in our ability to express love. But love is never confined to any one tradition or form.

The power of love crosses all humanly created barriers and divisions. Love creates a level playing field on which all human beings are absolutely equal. There is no one who has a greater capacity for love than anyone else. There are no love-experts. We are all born with an equal ability to give ourselves in love and therefore to know God.

What practices or habits help me grow in my ability to love and know God?