Observing many of the circumstances that take place on the surface of life, it is easy to fall prey to the impression that brutality and brokenness rule the world.

The challenge of Advent is to look more deeply and find the truth beneath the surface.

The “Iona Abbey Worship Book” contains a beautiful affirmation of faith in which the congregation is invited to join the worship leader affirming that:

Leader: With people everywhere
All: We affirm God’s goodness at the heart of humanity
planted more deeply than all that is wrong.

(The Iona Community)

Christmas affirms that “planted more deeply than all that is wrong” is love. Love is the force at the heart of the universe, the life-breath of every human being. Love resides in the deepest part of our being, bearing us up no matter how much we may struggle with the surface details of life.

In fact, Christmas suggests that it may actually be the very details and their difficulty, that are the essential ground in which love comes to birth.

Love is born out of the struggle. It is the tension that enables us to go more deeply into life and discover our true nature as beings created in the image of the God who “is love.”

How does my view of the struggles of life change if I view them as the ground in which love is enabled to grow?