The eighteenth century French Jesuit priest and writer Jean-Pierre de Caussade was the apostle of surrender. His language at times is challenging. But if the reader can see through the harsh way in which de Caussade at times expresses himself, there are riches to be gleaned along the way of love.

The soul loves the divine action and believes it to be equally sanctifying under all its forms. It does not reason about the way it is led, it is enough that things should come to it from this source in order to win its approval. TSA:45

A complete separation from creatures in your mind and heart is a great favour which leads infallibly to pure love and divine union. TL:139

The hands of God, who is infinitely liberal, are always full of graces, and he longs to pour them upon us. All we have to do to receive these graces abundantly is to keep our heart ready and remain continually in an attitude of waiting. But the aridity and boredom of doing so fatigue impatient and hurried souls. These trials repel those who merely have an eye on their own interests instead of letting themselves be led by that pure love which consists in the confirmation of our will to the will of God always and in everything. TL:167

As it is love alone that can keep our hearts alive, so it is only in God’s that the heart can find the nourishment to satisfy its hungry need. TL:187

Pure love lies in being content with all that contents God. TL:259

There is no peace more wonderful than the peace we enjoy when faith shows us God in all created things. All that is dark becomes light, and what is bitter sweet. Faith transforms ugliness into beauty, and malice into kindness. Faith is the mother of tenderness, trust and joy. It cannot feel anything but love and pity for its enemies, by whom it is so greatly enriched, for the more harsh the actions of creatures against us, the more beneficial God makes them for our souls. The human instrument tries to injure us, but the divine craftsman, in whose hands it is, ensures that it takes from our souls all that would harm them. B:40

The divine love is a double-edged sword that smites self-love until it is completely destroyed. Our pain has its source in that stout resistance offered by this accursed love of ourselves which hates to relinquish the control it has acquired over our heart and to allow the love of God to reign there in peace. TSA:269