Alfred Delp was a German Jesuit priest and member of the German resistance movement during the Second World War.

He was executed by hanging in Berlin at Plotzensee Prison on 2 February 1945. Even in prison in Berlin, Delp continued to have faith in the “abundance of divine love.”

Not only where churches remain standing will there be temples of God; they will rise wherever human hearts beat high in adoration, wherever knees are bent in prayer, wherever the spirit is receptive to divine inspiration, wherever human beings, loving and worshipping, find and fulfill their true selves. And they will discover that they are living God’s life within themselves, in their very heart’s core… They will arrive at a state of perception in which they realize that the Supreme Being actually resides within them. They will find themselves and regain faith in their own dignity, their mission and their purpose in life to the extent that they grasp the idea of their own life flowing forth from within them from the mystery of God. In this realization any disasters that may threaten and all despairing moods are overcome, completely disarmed from within. Evil is unmasked and deprived of all its seeming power.

Only when we arrive at that state of mastery and freedom can we breathe freely. The world and life itself then owe us nothing for we live with every fiber of our being. Life gives us all it has to offer because nothing less can match the prodigal abundance of divine love which is poured out to meet our receptive heart the moment we open it unreservedly. We regain the clear vision which enable us to perceive eternal glory in all things. It moves us to awe, thanksgiving and praise. Everything is endowed with an inner radiance because our hearts and the work of our hands are touched by creative truth. Such people cannot help being happy and extending happiness to others. Rejoice. (Delp, Alfred, S.J. Prison Writings. NY: Orbis Books, 2004, 32, 33)