At her Christophany retreat in 2008, Cynthia Bourgeault shared some profound reflections on the nature and path of love.

When I say “I love you,” a new space is created.

Falling in love gives us our first relief from being cooped up in ourselves. This is a small taste of the communion of the saints in which human beings are not fortresses locked up against each other.

Love is a true path of knowledge.

It is only when you love something that you pay attention to it in such a way that it gives life.

When you first fall in love, you are really falling in love with yourself – “I love you because you make me feel good.” We need to grow up into genuinely loving by seeing as the other person sees and learning to see love as fulfilled in the freedom of the other.

Danger is introduced into the path by effort to try to bring truth that is larger than us and stuff it into a personal, finite, egoic self. Move to the virgin place and it will flow through and you will be gently moved along by the love that moves the sun and the stars.

John 1:1-18 – “the word became flesh” is the most personal statement that can be made about you. The fundamental vibration came into flesh in you. This is your own inner terrain. Each of us is a christophany. If you get this, human love will flow rightly. We are all incarnations of the divine. Incarnation means that which can never be contained in form is contained in form. This is Christ. It is person, not just the presence but the One in the presence.

Love is the dynamism of the real.

Love expresses itself in giving itself away. Usually we understand power as the ability to gather something to ourselves as opposed to love which disperses itself.

The ability to hear Jesus say, “It is good that I leave” requires that you trust where the love comes from.

The Holy Spirit is shorthand for the intimate presence of the beloved realized in the non-material realm. This is love that holds us even when not physically proximate. You will get used to it when you don’t run from absence.