Cynthia Bourgeault on “Conscious Love” May 2001 St. Philip Anglican Church Victoria, B.C. #1

Conscious love is sustainable love. It requires being able to go inside oneself and find that place of sustainability.

It is not the same as romantic love.

Conscious love calls people into being. It is an act of purpose not so much of will power. It is proactive rather than reactive. Reactive love believes the right person will give you everything.

Conscious love has no opposite. Experiences of pain or rejection do not diminish conscious love, nor does the experience of affirmation increase it.

Emotional/romantic love circulates around the nexus of needing, wanting, craving.

Conscious love sets us free. It creates fewer traps. It is a force of creativity, nurturing and reconciling.

Jesus came to teach us how to do love, how to participate in the power of love.

We can learn practices which turn relationships into an opportunity for conscious love.

Conscious love is love that comes from conscious presence.

True love is love that comes from truth.

If you learn to practice conscious presence, you will learn to practice conscious love.

The more free we are inwardly, the more free we are to love.

Love is intended to move us from the outermost to the innermost.

In a conscious love relationship we are working together to unlock and release the true person in each of us. In order for this to be possible, we have to grow; we have to be free.

Boundaries create difficulties in experiencing love.

Love is by its nature completely self-giving and the nature of self-giving is to do something different with love than is done by boundaries. Conscious love dissolves boundaries.

The real thing is to love from presence, from that other deeper level in you.

Could we go to that deeper place and experience a way of being that is steadier, more flexible, and more real?

“Two stones cannot occupy the same place, but two fragrances can.” (Sufi saying) We need to move from stone consciousness to fragrance consciousness.

Personal and spiritual love come from the same place. Both come from yielding boundaries.