Cynthia Bourgeault on “Conscious Love” May 2001 St. Philip Anglican Church Victoria, B.C. #3

The cage is a set of learned behaviours to which we resort in an attempt to keep ourselves form being hurt. We come to think we are the cage.

As our soul expands in love, we come up against the bars of that prison we have created.

Start where you are. Feel the pain. Realize that your love is calling you to break out beyond the prison of your old self-concept.

Having to maintain control is suffering. You may not realize this until your love for another person shows you just how trapped you are in your identity.

Love brings up the deep shadows of our soul cage and puts those shadows right on our plate.

Love wants the other’s becoming.

At the heart of this love is divine presence and fullness.

We need to learn to be content and completely at home with the inner.

To divide the energy of love into one love which is divine and another which is human is to blur the essential nature of love and to make human love a second class citizen.

Love does not exist in the abstract. It exists only as it is given. It is a quality that only exists as it is manifested. God can’t exist as love without creating.

When we love out of ego needs, we have the patina of love, the external behaviour that appears as love but actually comes from the ego. We love out of our agendas.

There is always the danger of being helpful, giving, and performing acts of charity being little more than ego-trips. We’re God’s little helpers, but vulnerability is missing.

“the mistakes of lovers are better than the righteous acts of the loveless.”

For Jesus love of God and love of neighbour are the same. It is both/and.