Cynthia Bourgeault on “Conscious Love” May 2001 St. Philip Anglican Church Victoria, B.C. #5

We need to teach people how to fight and make up. This untidiness is what love is all about.

Your partner is going to expose you. This is what love does; it is what love is supposed to do.

Perhaps all those things inside us that scare us are just vulnerable things waiting to be loved and brought to birth.

We ought to start teaching people in the real work of love which is releasing shadows.

Trust the purification of love.

The gift of intimacy is a holy gift. It can bring us to holiness. In the act of making love, something of our being is imprinted upon the other.

At the Last Supper Jesus was giving himself to the world. He emphasized the body as the way of giving fully. When we give our body, our union with the other is complete. Christ surrenders the secret of himself to each of us when he gives his body – “This is my body given for you.” Eucharist and love-making resemble each other.

In every situation there is a deeper place where you can yield into the pain. The pain will continue. But there is a place below the pain/fear place, that may only be the size of the head of a pin, but you need to trust that.

You don’t have love; it has you.

Love is a motion we are born knowing how to do. It is only later we forget.

Love means opening and softening.

Forget about finding an object for your love; just exercise the motion of loving. Objects do not create love, they allow for the motion of love to take place.


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You gradually discover that a different kind of energy emerges. You can catch a scent of this – all is held in love. There is a sense of wholeness. We want to stay close to this, to live out of this.

The most precious thing is the tether that connects you to the love of Christ. Nothing in heaven or on earth has the right or the power to disconnect you from the well-being that is tethered to you in Christ.

A broken heart consciously borne contains the most precious thing God can say about love – it is the eucharist reached at the limits of what the human can bear.

The early church was interested in flow. They saw the Trinity as a vessel of self out-pouring love. Kenosis was used in understanding what Jesus did and in understanding the relationship of exchange that is the essence of the Trinity.

The Trinity is the sacred icon of how love is always flowing and transforming.

Kenosis is self-emptying. Each outpouring is love spilling into love which makes the whole thing go around. Every act of kenosis is connected to the whole which is perichoresis – the full circle of self-emptying love.

It is by the crucifixion of the heart that the love flows through.

When the heart is broken and you still go forth – this is the mystery of the cross.

Our hearts are Eucharist; they need to learn to be broken in a holy way.

what we do know is that great injustice, cruelty, physical pain, or betrayal, when consciously accepted and generously borne, can give rise to a peculiarly luminous and healing quality of love, and that this love radiates out from the site of the pain as a source of healing and hope for the entire cosmos.