Random Cynthia Bourgeault quotes on love #2

The condition of the world today is not a problem but a condition that allows God’s love to be manifest in a certain way. This plane will never become harmonious. That is not its purpose; it is too dense.

Some of the worst conditions bring forth gentleness, steadfastness, and love.

Brokenness is the crucible. You can be broken without being destroyed. Take into your being the jagged edges of the world.

Even if Jesus had believed that God had finally abandoned him and the whole thing was a failure, he would still have kept an open heart. His death was an intentional act – an act of conscious love. If we can really come to know this in our deepest knowing, we too can see our way through our personal terrors and fears including our fear of death. Jesus’ death was entirely held in love.

The crucifixion was a demonstration of love followed to its completion.

Jesus voluntarily chose his death. This was the natural progression of love fully manifested. Love begins as a grape but ends up as wine.

All human love is an icon of God’s love for us. The only block to intimacy is our own inner work. The most important spiritual practice is to stay present. Slowly develop your staying power to stay present – let nothing shake you.

The only way you will be known is by taking the risk of loving. We yearn deep within ourselves for self-disclosure – to take off the veils. This can only happen through love. The heart’s desire is to know and be known.

St. Augustine says, “Love God and do as you please.” And he’d seen around the end of this gamble, because when you really love God in a way that isn’t just, “Hey God, wherever you are out there, hi. I love you” but is the beginning of a reciprocal interaction and trust, when you really love God, the rest follows. You get out of your own head, you get out of your own agendas and you walk in increasing love and compassion.