Griffiths, Bede. Return To The Center. Springfield, Illinois: Templegate, 1976.

Ultimately, it is always the love of God which is drawing us through every human love, drawing us to give ourselves back in return for the love we have received. That is why all love is holy, from the love of atoms or of insects to the love of man. It is always a reflection of the love of God. / This is why sex is holy. The desire of union is the reflection in us of the love of the Holy Trinity. 62

The instinct of love in our nature can never be satisfied with anything less than God, that is with the Infinite. 65

Griffiths, Bede. The Marriage of East and West. Springfield, Illinois: Templegate, 1982.

As we pass beyond our limited rational consciousness and become aware of the depth of the Spirit within, we discover this unfathomable depth of knowledge and love opening up within us and uniting us to one another and to the whole creation in the light of God. 35

Satsang with the Guru Fr. Bede Griffiths, OSB from Bulletin 19, February 1984

there is an experience of the love of God which goes right beyond the emotions, beyond any phenomenon and transforms your inner person. That is a spiritual experience. This manifestation of love, of compassion in your life is the most direct sign of spiritual awareness.

Contemplative prayer means entering into the depths of one’s being where one experiences one’s solidarity with all humanity. It consists essentially in the surrender of the “ego,” of private self, and the awakening to the true self, the “hidden person of the heart,” who shares the concerns of all beings. In other words, it is an awakening to the presence of Christ within and to the action of the Holy Spirit, which is love.