Webcast with Oprah Winfrey August/September 2010

Now, the love in you actually is fine. The love that you feel does not need anything. But you as a person, you as a person may have certain needs and preferences in this situation. The

extent to which you can love another human being depends on the extent to which you are connected with your own essence. And you can recognize sometimes it’s easier to recognize God in one particular form, but you can recognize God in another human being. So the love is in you. And when you—the love does not come from the outside, the love is the recognition of oneness that ultimately you and the other share the one consciousness, that’s what all connects and makes all humans one.

ET: No. It’s a normal feeling because there was, even if you truly love somebody, of course, what you love in the other person is deeper than the form, the external form of that person, nevertheless, there’s always a little bit—even true love—there’s a little bit of attachment to the form also. Because the light comes through the form.


ET: , love, of course, is used in a very loose sense. It means so many different things to different people, the expression “I love this or that” or “I love doing this or that” is used casually by people, often meaning totally different things. For example, if somebody is obsessed with what they do in an ego way—totally focused but in a negative way to a large extent, totally obsessed with what they’re doing, and they—an outside observer might say, “Oh, he loves what he’s doing. He loves it so much that he gets up at 5 every morning and doesn’t leave the office until 10 at night.” But he’s totally obsessed with what he’s doing, and there’s no love in it. It’s an obsession. But because love is used in such a loose way, sometimes we call that love. So when you actually love what you’re doing, it’s a totally different energy field that moves into what you are doing. It means you are aligned completely with what you do. And then, yes, then you do bring a different consciousness. You bring the unconditioned consciousness into this world through whatever you do. And it might be a doing or it may just be being somewhere. You mentioned a church.