Webcast with Oprah Winfrey August/September 2010

You can find God in many places. Any place is holy, and the present moment, when you only pay attention to it completely, then you realize, actually, it’s sacred. The present moment is sacred. When you’re really paying attention to it, then it doesn’t matter where you are—you can be in a building, you can be out in nature, you can be in the middle of the traffic. And you really bring your attention to this moment, and you realize, “There is sacredness here.” You may be able to feel it more deeply when you’re out in nature than in the middle of L.A. freeway. But even there it can be sensed if you are present enough. And there, that’s love.

There love arises, and if you’re doing something, and you’re total in what you do—not obsessed, not wanting the future more than you want the present, but totally wanting the present, totally wanting what you are doing—then, yes, then you love what you do, and that is true love. And anybody who embodies that energy is creating the new earth.

Sounds True Interview

When you are out of alignment with what is, you are out of alignment with life. You are struggling to reach a point in the future where there is greater security, aliveness, abundance, love, joy … unaware that those things make up the essence of who you are already. All that is required of you to have access to that essence is to make the present moment into your friend. And you may realize that most of your life you made the present moment into an enemy. You didn’t say “yes” to it, didn’t embrace it. You were out of alignment with the now, and so life became a struggle. It seemed so normal, because everyone around you lived in the same way. The amazing thing is: Life, the great intelligence that pervades the entire cosmos, becomes supportive when you say “yes” to it. Where is life? Here. Now. The “isness” of this moment.