Like Jesus and Paul, the author of the anonymous late 14c. English spiritual classic, The Cloud of Unknowing, spoke unceasingly about the importance of love.

Anonymous (trans. Ira Progroff). The Cloud of Unknowing. NY: Delta Publishing, 1957.

III:1 – Lift up your heart to God with a meek stirring of love. 61

IV:5 – He accords with our soul in terms of the limits of His Godhead; and our soul accords to Him because of the high worth of our having been crated in His image and in His likeness. And He by Himself alone is more than sufficient to fulfill the will and desire of our soul; and none but he may do so. Our soul by virtue of this transforming grace then becomes altogether capable of comprehending God by love; and this, like knowing an angel or a man’s soul, is beyond the comprehension of all man’s created powers of knowledge. I mean by knowing and not by loving, and that is why I refer to them here as powers of knowledge, with another main effective power referred to as the loving power. 64

IV:12 – Love is such a power that it unites all things. Therefore love Jesus, and then everything that He has will be yours. 67

VI:2 – of God Himself no man can think. I would therefore leave all those things of which I can think and choose for my love that thing of which I cannot think. 72

VI:3 – He may be well loved, but he may not be thought of. He may be reached and held close by means of love, but by means of thought never. 72

VI:4 – You are to step above it (any thought) with great courage and with determination, and with a devout and pleasant stirring of love, and you are to pierce that darkness which is above you. You are to strike that thick cloud of unknowing with a sharp dart of longing love, and you are not to retreat no matter what comes to pass. 73