For the anonymous author of The Cloud of Unknowing, love is the active agent in the spiritual life. Our goal is to heed the “stirrings of love,” to allow love to be at work in our lives, and through us in the world.

Anonymous (trans. Ira Progroff). The Cloud of Unknowing. NY: Delta Publishing, 1957.

VII:6 – whenever you feel yourself drawn to devote yourself to this work, and whenever you feel by grace that you have been called by God to do it, lift up [ie open] your heart toward God with a meek stirring of love. 76

VIII:14 – love may reach God in this life, but not knowledge. And as long as the soul dwells in this mortal body the accuracy of our understanding in perceiving spiritual things, most particularly God, is mingled with some manner of fantasy that tends to make our work unclean. 82

IX:3 – lift up your love to that cloud; or rather, if I would speak it to you truly, let God draw your love up to that cloud and then strive with the help of God’s grace to forget every other thing. 84

XII:1 – beat constantly with a sharp dart of longing love upon this cloud of unknowing which is between you and your God. As you do this, do not think of anything under God, and do not let up no matter what happens. For this is the work that destroys the ground and root of sin. 90

XVI:3 – it is the condition of a true lover that the more he loves the more he longs to love. 100

XX:4 – this perfect stirring of love that begins here in this life is equal with that which shall last eternally in the bliss of heaven, for they both are one. 110

XXIV:3 – in this work the perfect apprentice does not seek to be released from pain nor to receive greater rewards, but he seeks simply nothing but God Himself. In fact, he is not concerned and he does not even take notice of whether he is in pain or in bliss or whether his will has been fulfilled in what he loves. 119,120