Adyashanti. Redemptive Love: The Healing Power of Descending Grace.San Jose, CA: Open Gate Sangha, 2014.

In order to integrate Love into your life, you must realize that this boundless Love is not only something that you receive, but also something that is an essential aspect of your being. The more you give this boundless Love to others through your words and actions, the more it will remain alive in you.

On a deeper level, there is a kind of love that is not something you receive, but something that you are. The love that you are isn’t something that can be given or taken away; it’s an aspect of the truth of your being. It’s a love that is innate to you.

love is very natural for all of us. It is part of who we all are. However, relating may not be natural to us. Much of how we relate with others is learned behavior, not only from our past but at each moment as well. We will all be learning how to relate to others, as well as with the world, for our whole lives. Hopefully we will become aware enough to unlearn some of the old relational habits that do not support the expression and experience of love, and learn more of what does support loving interactions throughout our lives.

Sometimes the face of love is sweet and sometimes it is fierce, but the full capacity to love without measure is contained within each of us. For Love is the blood, bones, and marrow of our humanity, which is always found in the still, quiet places within us where the silent intuition of our connectedness breaks though into the living present, reminding us once against that each moment of life contains all living, and all dying, and everything that ever has been or will come to be.

When the self really falls away, the only thing that moves life about is a force or an energy that could be called selfless. It’s a force of love.