Adyashanti. Redemptive Love: The Healing Power of Descending Grace. San Jose, CA: Open Gate Sangha, 2014.

Redemptive Love does not shy away from suffering, whether one’s own suffering or others’. Redemptive Love embraces suffering in utter acceptance and Love. The challenge to us all is to continually open and stretch ourselves to become large enough to embrace the full measure of life in all its inexhaustible proportion. Life always asks us to become bigger than whatever we encounter, and to stretch our loving embrace to include more than we thought we could. For we are in truth more immense than we imagine, and when we surrender the confines of our mind to the magnitude of our heart, we grow day by day in transformative compassion that has the resilience to withstand the turns of fate that life presents us with.

Redemptive Love is transformative because it does not see the world through the lens of “problems” created by resisting what is. The true sacrifice is to sacrifice resisting what is and embrace the moment with love and wisdom. This simple act, applied with great devotion, is enough to transform one’s whole experience of life.

As the old saying goes, whatever you resist persists…. However, whatever we bring love to can transform, because authentic love is a very transformational energy of Redemptive Love, it becomes an extremely powerful force for awakening and transformation. So, bringing some loving compassion to the divided ego can allow it to relax out of the center of consciousness and open the way for something more whole and complete to arise. As a guiding principle, when in doubt Love.

We are here to be free in this world, and to love in a way that your presence redeems the sorrow of life.