Adyashanti. Redemptive Love: The Healing Power of Descending Grace.San Jose, CA: Open Gate Sangha, 2014.

when resistance is fully accepted, the resistance disappears. Redemptive Love is not something that the ego can do or practice; it is something that the ego allows to arise. By accepting everything, Redemptive Love heals everything.

we must stretch out into the darkness with the full measure of our longing, and surrender to the greater unknown context of our lives in order to begin to embrace and be embraced by a Love that is awaiting our invitation.

In any situation we are either relating from fear or love. If we are trying to control, manipulate, gain power over, dominate, be agreed with, be loved, be right, be a victim, etc., we are relating from fear…. the more open we are to experiencing fear, the less it controls our actions.

Love does not fear fear, because Love is a much stronger force in the world. The remedy for fear is not courage, it is Love.

When there’s absolutely no story, there’s nothing to confine the dynamic of love.

To embody Redemptive Love, we need to re-examine the stories (the myths) that we have been shaped by and which we live by or according to.

In order to embody the Redemptive quality of Love, we must transform the stories (myths) that we live by so that they reflect more clearly the fundamental nature of existence.

The deeper sense of Redemptive Love is not only a feeling, but also a shift of perspective where we see everything through the eyes of Love rather than the ego. From that perspective we see how Love works through even the most difficult circumstances and experiences. There is nothing silly or romantic about Redemptive Love; it has a deep sense of wisdom and clarity which guides its expression. In a sense, Redemptive Love is the spontaneous marriage of wisdom and love in action. It is revealed in order that we may embody and express it in the world.