Adyashanti. Redemptive Love: The Healing Power of Descending Grace.San Jose, CA: Open Gate Sangha, 2014.

Redemptive love never colludes with illusion. It operates from a state of wholeness.

If there’s a withholding of truth, there’s withholding of love.

Truth and Love are not two different things; they are different aspects of one whole.

Love is absolute intimacy and truth in action.

love is not just (or even primarily) a nice, sweet experience; love is the Truth in action. What is true is loving because it cuts away what binds us to illusion. It is the presence of compassion that tempers (but does not alter) the sometimes fierce energy of sword-like clarity. This sword-like energy is sometimes necessary to cut through deep patterns of conditioning. It is the guardian of truth and must be exercised with great love.

Find the clarity of love within yourself by abiding in the silence of your being.

Love listens first. It really wants to understand.

Sometimes love stretches you and sometimes it fulfills you. Sometimes it takes great fortitude to follow through on acting on that love.

Redemptive Love is an opening of the heart, something that we experience and receive. But it is much more than that. When it first opened up for me, it also came with a very clear directive, “And this is how you shall love all being and all things.”

One needs to go deeper than peace, to the place within where peace becomes Love and intimate unity with all beings. Peace opens the door to a deeper reality, but you must not stop at the door. Go deeper within and the peaceful apathy will vanish and be replaced by Love, freedom, and wisdom. Be what you are in your innermost essence.